Eyeland have recently completed the short film 'Wolf' - a black comedy set in London with an electric twist. Directed by Ben Bannister and written by Kelly Broad. For more information about all aspects of the film and production visit

Ben and Kelly have begun work on Eyeland's first feature production. Set between London and Karachi, a girl in her early twenties embarks on a search for her "lost" family and in so doing finds herself.

Chris Dodds' first film as writer/director, 'Looking Out for George' was shortlisted at the Raindance Film Festival 2002 in the best UK Short category. It was also nominated at the TAPS Writer of the Year Awards, and in May 2003 Chris was awarded a 'Highly Commended' at the B+ Young Talent Awards for his script. The film, supported by the Tower Hamlets Film Fund, is a touching portrait of hope and camaraderie in a time of despair.

Chris has begun work on his follow up short, 'Turnover', which is currently in pre-production. An ambitious short that pays homage to Traffult's classic 'Day for Night'. "A bit 'Blair Witch', a bit 'Lock Stock', 'Man Bites Dog' and 'Adaptation'" is how he categorises it. Eyeland are planning for production to begin in spring 2004.


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